How To Create a DEI Strategy in Six Steps

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While some organizations are successfully deploying DEI efforts, an overwhelming majority want to create a DEI strategy and need a nudge or two (or six) in the right direction to leverage the resources they already have with a clear vision in mind. In fact, only one in five companies considers it’s truly prepared to address workplace diversity, according to an HR Dive study.

Whether you want to take steps in the “diverse” direction or consolidate your strategies, large organizations can benefit enormously from two major assets:

a flexible platform to bring their plan to life the right partner that’ll help each individual company design the processes that are particular to it

Working with our countless clients from across the globe in different industries, we’ve seen a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work for their recruiting goals. Diversity is no exception. That’s why it is essential to understand the many possible ways in which you can materialize your DEI vision.

To break down the process into different steps, Avature’s Product Marketing Specialist Misha Chakrabarti and Solutions Architect Gustavo Casazza hosted a webinar in which they shared key insights and best practices to help organizations design, plan, execute and assess their own

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