How to Create an Ideal Candidate Experience With AI

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Finding top talent today can sometimes feel like a sparring match in a Roman colosseum. In 2022, there’s less than one available worker for every job (0.76 workers per opening), the lowest in history. It’s no wonder recruiters are struggling.

But what about candidates?

According to PwC’s Future of Recruiting Survey, 49 percent of candidates have turned down a job due to a bad recruiting experience. That’s a high percentage given how much is at stake in terms of vacancy costs, drops in productivity, added stress/work for teams missing headcount, and more.

This is even more shocking if you consider that in Eightfold’s 2022 survey of nearly 1,000 U.S.-based employees, 74 percent of respondents considered applying for a role in the past 18 months but stopped short either due to not feeling qualified or because the job description was too vague. 

While recruiters can’t control the market, they can take steps to improve the candidate experience and maximize their chances of acquiring talent. Here are the five biggest factors dragging down the candidate experience and how to fix them.

Candidates won’t apply to jobs if they don’t feel qualified. According to Eightfold’s 2022 talent survey, candidates disqualify themselves for multiple

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