How to develop an effective change management plan

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As the old saying goes, change is hard. However, change is an essential element of growth and the driving force behind innovation.

Changing existing systems or processes is challenging when multiple people are involved and organizational productivity is at stake. Creating and implementing a change management plan to manage the process organizes the transition, improves buy-in, and builds trust among team members.

What is a change management plan?

A change management plan is a structured process that organizations use when implementing change. It outlines the strategic approach that will be followed to transition to the intended change, including key performance indicators that will be used to quantify the success of the outcome. 

Change management plans are usually developed for significant changes that will impact the organizational structure or job roles and should include well-defined goals, a communication plan, and a training plan. 

Everyone approaches the idea of change differently. Some can adapt to a new process or system easily, and others may feel overwhelmed or unconvinced that anything needs to be done differently. A change management plan demonstrates that the intended transition has been well thought-out and offers a clear roadmap to the desired outcome so those affected know

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