How To Embrace Change Management To Build A Liquid Workforce

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Change management is a big concept and an even bigger undertaking, especially in the world of talent management.

We talked with Mary Faulkner, Principal at human resources consulting firm IA, about how we have to rethink the future of work, especially when it comes to liquid team building.

The concept of liquid teams continues to build momentum. Instead of building a static team, organizations would build and dismantle teams on a project basis, placing talent where it’s most needed at the right moment.

As a talent strategist and problem solver, Faulkner helps organizations optimize their HR practices to take a more future-forward approach. She specializes in teaching people how to transform their organizations from within and advocates for a liquid team-building approach.

Read on to learn more from Faulkner about the change management needed to better optimize the workforce of tomorrow. (Ed note: Some quotes have been edited for length and clarity.)

Going ‘liquid’: Building and blending the ideal teams

Work is more dynamic than ever before. To handle this shift, people need to come together—and then come apart—to match their skills with critical projects. This “liquid” workforce challenges the mindset that static teams get built and stay that way. 

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