How to Increase Employee Support by 6,000% [New Research]

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In the coming month or two we’ll be unveiling the findings of our new Frontline Worker study, but today I want to share a few statistics that are practical and targeted at a common problem every employer faces today.

15-plus years ago when I got married, I thought I knew what it meant to support someone. I also thought I understood the person standing beside me, because we’d been together for a few years before finally walking down the aisle together. Turns out I still had plenty to learn (and still do), because people are deep, complex creatures that blend rational and irrational thought, emotional and analytical thinking, and a host of other factors that make relationships exponentially more dynamic than they might seem at first glance.

I say that because I want to ask you a question: can you really support someone if you don’t understand them? 

In this new study of thousands of global frontline workers, we found some amazing insights into what makes people tick, how they perceive work relationships, and more. Many of the findings will be especially helpful for those that have deskless workers and/or work in industries where people have more physical work spaces,

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