How to integrate SAP HR(SuccessFactors) with Ariba for Synchronized Role Based Workflow Approvals

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Objective – The objective of this blog is to solve a common issue that today’s customer base faces around Ariba workflow approval based on Role defined in the HR system.

Definition of Role is by Position and Ariba product is not directly integrated to Position Management of SuccessFactors or Business Suite on HANA.

We will discuss a scenario where the customer is having below landscape.

HR Data is stored in the Business Suite on HANA and Ariba is being used for Sourcing and Buying.


Sample Organization Structure

Any Re Organization is executed in the HR box and there is a strong need to synchronize this data into the Ariba system to implement successful Role Based Approval Scenarios.

This blog explains a possible approach which can help an organization run Role Based Approval between SAP ECC Business Suite on HANA and Ariba.

Ariba is divided into primarily Two Areas

Sourcing (Upstream) Buying (Downstream)

Ariba has its own workflow engine which directly cannot consume the HR organization data either from Business Suite on HANA or Success Factors.

The Need is to Extract this data from either of the systems.

Ariba workflow Engine needs following file formats to interpret workflow

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