How to interview well in a market downturn

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Whether it’s what you’re reading on your LinkedIn feed, discussing with friends, or hearing on the news, talk of the changing market conditions seems to be everywhere. It’s hard not to feel like worry about macroeconomic changes is at a fever-pitch. Given the increasing conversation on these topics, we were curious whether the same concerns are bubbling up during the interview process and if there’s reason for team builders to adjust their conversations with candidates accordingly.

To get a clear picture of the degree to which market conditions are on candidates’ and interviewers’ minds, we analyzed mention of keywords related to macroeconomic uncertainty and company financial health in interviews captured by Metaview over the past 18 months. The data revealed that the hiring process is not immune to economic worry:

🌎The percentage of interviews with mention of keywords related to the macroeconomic climate (e.g, recession, economy, downturn, uncertainty, inflation) have increased 2x, going from 7% at the start of 2021 to 14% in July 2022.📈Mentions of several keywords that were virtually absent from conversations in early 2021 such as “inflation”, “layoffs”, and “recession” have increased sharply April 2022 onward.

To help put the scale of this into perspective, 21% of interviews included mention

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