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Your job posts are like billboards for your company. So what can you do to stand out?

When I was consulting HR Tech companies about social media strategies I always made the joke, “Why does Cookie Monster love web pages more than billboards? Because web pages have cookies!” It got the occasional laugh, and even with increasing regulation around the use of cookies, the sentiment is valid – organizations need to think about what they can do with their online presence.

The same is true when it comes to your job posts and online application process. Job posts don’t have to be basic templates that are stale and underwhelming. You’re trying to entice top talent to come and work for your company! You want them to want to join and wake up excited to come to work everyday. You want them to become advocates for your organization and be passionate about the work that they do and the mission your company is trying to achieve.

Get candidates excited to apply

Here are 4 simple steps to ensure that your job posts stand out and attract qualified applicants.

1. Don’t go overboard on bullet points.

Bullet points can help to

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