How to Make Your Retail Automotive Roles Attractive to Other Industries

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There’s a stigma associated with working in the retail automotive industry that affects who and how you hire. Employment image is a big part of what attracts applicants to an industry, and even though the stereotypical car salesman may not be employed at your dealership, we as an industry have to show job seekers that that’s the case — especially when it comes to attracting those outside of the retail automotive industry. 

The pandemic has made the unemployment rate in typically safe industries — like hospitality and retail — skyrocket, so attracting those individuals to your dealership is easier than ever. But there are some steps you must take to make sure you’re casting your net wide enough into the applicant pool. Read on to help you attract individuals from any industry to your dealership. 

Offer Competitive Compensation

This is a no-brainer — attracting top talent requires competitive compensation packages with benefits, pay, and time off. The key here is you’ve got to be competitive among those in your industry as well as the industries you’re attempting to pull talent from, so do your research when assessing your offerings. 

You don’t have to be at the top of the market,

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