How to screen and interview software engineers at speed and scale

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So you have to be extra diligent when engaging with software engineering candidates as they are notoriously difficult to source.

Assuming you’re able to attract a decent number of candidates per role, you still have to balance this quantity with identifying and shortlisting the most talented engineers. Otherwise, you’re likely sacrificing an average of $30,000 (not including compensation) for each bad engineering hire.

In this article, we’ll talk about screening and interviewing the software engineering candidates that you do get – quickly and at scale. By the end of it, you’ll be in a better position to build or improve your technical hiring process. This means:

Clarity – everyone is aligned on the way you screen and hire engineers. Speed – faster time to hire so you avoid losing strong applicants during the hiring journey. Retention – hiring the right person in the first place can improve employee retention.

To achieve these goals, we’re going to suggest a standard hiring process for you to use and tweak for your organization. We’re also going to present the dos and don’ts for screening and interviewing developers based on CodeInterview’s first-hand expertise based on more than 100,000 engineering interviews per year.

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