How to Teach Managers to Embrace Internal Mobility and Career Development

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Internal mobility and career development boost retention by keeping employees within the organization, even as their skill sets expand and their interests change. Yet employees can only drive their own mobility and career development within an organization that actively supports their efforts.

Managers who think long-term about internal mobility and career development have the tools to support employee growth. They’re able to shape the tasks they assign today with two goals in mind: The short-term need to complete today’s tasks, and the long-term need to keep experienced, trained workers within the organization. 

When organizations train managers to support internal mobility and career development, they can reap the benefits of these endeavors.

Why Your Managers Need to Think Long-Term

“A few years ago, I started to notice an interesting trend: Frustrated with finding and integrating good external candidates, organizations were beginning to invest increasing amounts of time, energy, and money into developing their internal hiring capabilities,” writes JR Keller in the Harvard Business Review.

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated these efforts in many organizations. A Gartner poll found that 54 percent of responding companies planned a near-complete hiring freeze in 2020 in order to address uncertainties related to the pandemic. 


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