How to Trigger a CPI process from SuccessFactors Intelligent Services Center using OAuth2 Client Credentials Grant

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Introduction :

There are two Authentication type to trigger a CPI process from SuccessFactors Intelligent Services Center.

Basic : Basic Authentication is coved in this blog. Please click on the link OAuth2 Client Credentials Grant : I will be covering this Authentication type in this blog.

Step 1 :

Add Event Connector in Intelligence service Center and click on New Event Connector

Step 2 :

Give Name of the Connector, End Point Url (Your CPI Process End Point Url)

You can find your End Point URL from your CPI process after deploying the process.


Step 3 :

Select OAuth2 Client Credentials Grant in Authentication

You can get your client id, client Secret and Token Endpoint from the SAP BTP cockpit of your CPI

In Cockpit : Go to Security -> OAuth -> Clients -> Register New Clent

Under Register New Client

Name : Give any name.

Subscription : Select the CPI subscription you are currently using.

ID : This is auto generated.

Authorization Grant : Select Client Credentials.

Secret : Give your any password.

Token Lifetime : You can select time how long you want to validate your token.


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