How to Upsert Data for An Onboarding Employee in SuccessFactors

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We all know that we can upsert/update data via various types of platforms like CPI, Integration center or any kind of third party application like Postman. Via normal upsert process we can put or update data easily.
Now if we want to upsert data for an onboarding employee means whose hiring status is not completed yet then there are some boundaries, also there is some special solution we have to maintain.


First we have to understand what is the main barrier we can face at the time of upsert data for an onboarding employee. When the process of onboarding starts for an employee, Start date for the entities are stored.
Now as an example we are considering that we will upsert data in PerPersonalinfo. Till the completion of hiring, the entities support only single effective date. That’s why when we will try to upsert in the Perpersonalinfo, though we will get “ok status” and “result upserted” but the data will not be reflected along with the new start date in SuccessFactors.


After the completion of hiring process we can upsert data in normal way.

Still if we want to change some data or want to input some

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