How to use LastModifiedDateTime/LastModifiedOn fields correctly in SuccessFactors Odata query

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Introduction: –

In SuccessFactors Integration, there is often a requirement to fetch delta records from SuccessFactors. This can be achieved by using OData APIs and applying filter on LastModifiedDateTime/LastModifiedOn fields.

This blog will explain how to use LastModifiedDateTime/LastModifiedOn field in the filter and how different response from SuccessFactors is received based on the position of lastModifiedOn field in the filter expression.

Problem Statement: –

Fetching records from Odata SF APIs in delta mode even though LastModifiedOn/LastModifiedDateTime filter is not satisfied. This issue can happen with any Odata entity in SuccessFactors and this blog will help to understand why it happens and how to get rid of it.

Resolution: –

Consider below example of an employee in SuccessFactors.

There is a future dated changed on Job Information for this employee (Effective date – 1st March 2023). Please refer to the below screenshot.


Previous Event of New Hire was also added in past.  PFB screenshot.


Now lets try to query this employee with filter as LastModifiedOn >= ‘2023-02-01T00:00:00Z’. Please note that I am running this query on 10th Feb 2023.


Please find the response below from SuccessFactors

It is evident that despite the LastModifiedOn field

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