How to Weather the “Perfect Storm” of Recruiting

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While recruiting and talent pros have weathered many a storm when it comes to the labor market, there’s never been one quite like this.

The Perfect Storm of 1991, brought to fame by George Clooney etal., was a weather system that encompassed the twelfth and final tropical cyclone, the eighth tropical storm, and fourth hurricane of 1991 – all at once, and wreaked havoc on shores as far south as Puerto Rico and as far north as Nova Scotia, Canada.

In our case, however, the 100-foot waves and 75-mph winds are the surge in job opportunities coming to market, and the seeming plunge of job seeker activity and engagement.

What’s Happening: The Data Behind the Perfect Storm

As described above, the perfect storm was a culmination of factors, a collision of events occurring, so let’s break it down:

Demand for workers is spiking

You’ve seen the headlines – the Bureau of Labor Statistics has recently reported close to a million new jobs in March alone, double the number of jobs added in February. In addition to that, one of the major US job site players showed steady increases in jobs posted to their site. And as if that wasn’t

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