How US Employers Can Attract Global Talent in 2021

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Whether you’ve been recruiting talent around the globe or you’re looking to, one thing is for certain: 2020 and all that it entailed has changed the recruiting environment at both the domestic and international level.

Without a doubt, the global pandemic played a starring role in many of these changes. 

What Has Been the Impact?

In the US specifically, we saw rapid shifts in hiring needs, changes in where the greatest demand for workers were (for example, spikes in frontline healthcare roles and warehouse roles), high unemployment, and unfortunately for talent acquisition teams, a mismatch in the jobs that needed to be filled, and the job seekers available to fill them.

In a recent study by Appcast, Boston Consulting Group, and The Network, more than 200,000 international workers weighed in on their shifting preferences around workforce mobility. For US employers, there are some key findings to note:

The US Is

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