How valued is salary in the UK? Quite a bit, actually

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The only real ‘surprise’, if there needs to be one, is that there are studies showing that other job attractors have grown in value – such as the willingness to take less salary in order to remain remote according to HR software provider CIPHR, and the value of perks over salary as a motivator, according to MetLife UK.

Our own dataset, however, finds that compensation remains a leading motivator when looking at career opportunities. A US-based respondent from our other survey report on the same topic puts it perfectly:

“Employees will go where the money is. And where they’re treated respectfully and valued. But, mostly, it’s the money.”

Money above all

As stated above, a vast majority of respondents are open to new opportunities, whether they’re passively open or actively looking. When we asked those respondents to choose from a list of top reasons why they’re open to new opportunities, more than half (53.5%) selected “I need to make more money” as a major reason.

Closely following in second place is “I need a fresh challenge”, with 43.9% citing that as a reason.

The need for more meaning in work is a distant third, at 21.9%.


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