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So recently I took part in an interesting exercise. (It wasn’t walking from my desk to the beer fridge behind me, although that does seem to be about as much physical exercise that I get during lockdown). I took part in putting together what is know as an IDP or Implementation Design Principle.

Now before you interpret the title of this post to be me moaning _about_ the IDP process or concept, that’s absolutely not the case! What the IDP provided was a constructive way to channel all that constructive criticism  (double constructive!) into something of value.

This was a interesting process with a series of workshops where the team from SAP were clever enough to have timers running to stop me from talking too long and we used a tool called Mural which allowed us to collaborate on shared “whiteboard”.

Screen shot is actually from yet another IDP that I’m hoping to collaborate on creating – but you get the idea. If not check out this picture below – the idea is virtual sticky note heaven.


Anyway after a lot of discussions we eventually decided on looking at the problem of integrating employee details to and

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