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Someone asked me the other day what I would do to Monster.com if I ran it. It was a good question that got me thinking.

As the pandemic continues to shred the job market, Monster and the other major job boards are suffering and/or laying off staff. Now would be a good time to think about a reboot for a once proud brand.

Let’s face it, Monster is a shell of the company it once was. Gone are the days of super bowl commercials and mindshare now enjoyed by Indeed. I think it needs a complete makeover at this point.

So here’s my take on a Monster reboot.

We start by completely remaking the company starting from scratch. From technology to senior leaders we tear out the old and replace with the new.

I’d hire industry experts that I know and trust to part of the leadership team but the intent would be to maximize the brand equity into a smaller nimble startup capable of actual innovation. That means hiring people with an entrepreneurial mindset who ‘get shit done’.

When it comes to tech, here’s what I had in mind.

Make it a text first company. Emails are

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