Innovative HR initiatives: 7 inspiring examples for success in 2024


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The right HR initiatives and strategies can be a key part of HR transformation, making a significant impact on an organization and its people. Major brands like Google, Intel, and Walmart found this to be true when they put some innovative human resources initiatives in place, as you’ll soon discover. 

HR initiatives are policies in action: They address particular challenges that affect an organization’s people, keep businesses competitive, and make the work of HR professionals more efficient and effective. 

In fact, they can be an integral part of a company’s success, benefiting nearly every aspect of the team member lifecycle—from recruitment and onboarding to engagement, performance, and retention.

Let’s take a look at some of the best HR initiatives, and examine the key components for success to inspire you for 2024.

Key components of successful HR initiatives

Successful HR initiatives tend to have three key components. They:

Put people first. Because when people are taken care of, the whole business benefits. Strategic HR initiatives that have this principle as their North Star will be on the right track from the very beginning.  Meet the company’s needs. An initiative also needs to help an organization meet specific business objectives. 

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