Interviewer Training vs. Coaching: What’s the difference and why does each matter?

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Behind every great organization, there’s a great hiring process. But behind every great hiring process, there’s a team of interviewers who have developed the skills and confidence to run great interviews and identify people that will contribute to your organization’s success.

The best organizations know this — and that’s why they have rigorous processes in place that keep their hiring bar high while creating a great experience for candidates. They also know that interviewer training and coaching are two essential components that help them build their world-class team.

Interviewer training and coaching might sound synonymous, but in reality they’re different, complementary processes that equip your interviewers with the knowledge, skills and individualized feedback to lead great interviews — every time.

You need both to create a hiring process that encourages long-term learning, continually upskills your interviewers, and enables you to identify and hire the best candidates for your organization.

In this post, we’ll outline the difference between training and coaching, and how you can combine them effectively to maximize your return on investment from your interviewer training.

Training equips your team with the core knowledge to run effective and consistent interviews

Training is an effective learning delivery method that introduces us to new concepts, and helps

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