Introducing Smart Ideas: Weekly Inspiration for the Staffing Industry

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A weekly staffing newsletter?

Are you out of your (blank, blank, blank) mind?

Who has time to read a weekly newsletter?

Who has time to write one?

Yeah, that’s how I reacted when Jeff Staats, our CMO, suggested that we transition our BIG IDEAS monthly email newsletter to weekly delivery. I thought he was crazy.

For 27 years, Haley Marketing has provided monthly ideas to help level the playing field for small to midsize staffing companies. We’ve provided thousands of ideas to drive sales, improve recruiting, and address nearly all things marketing. But…

The times have changed.

You – and I – are busier than ever. We have more calls to make. Zoom meetings to attend. And an endless inbox of emails to answer.

On top of that, there’s more pressure to deliver results.

That’s exactly why you need SMART IDEAS Weekly.

You need ideas to help strengthen your staffing company. Ideas to boost sales. Ideas to help you compete. And you don’t have time to waste.

We want to make world-class marketing easy and affordable for you, so each Saturday morning, you’ll receive one actionable idea…a specific strategy you can immediately put into action to help your business grow.

Ready to get started?


Sign up for SMART IDEAS Weekly. Let’s (blank-ing) go.

Want to do a deep dive with the smartest minds in staffing? Check out our Smart Ideas Summit 3 on-demand webinars!

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