Is Elmo’s World Just Like Recruiting?


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I have a toddler who is a big fan of Sesame Street and all things Elmo. After watching what must be a thousand different episodes of Elmo’s World – each episode multiple times – it hit me, a lot of the elements that Elmo encounters in every formulaic episode reminds me of what recruiters do in a day.

Before we jump into the recruiter tangentials, let’s start with how the show kicks off. Elmo welcomes you to his world and tells you what he wants to learn about that day. He says hello to his goldfish, ,Dorothy, and gets things started. It reminds me of getting onto LinkedIn or Twitter to see what recruiters are talking about that day. Will it be candidate experience? Perhaps how much candidates hate manually filling out applications after uploading their resume? Maybe it’s how companies need to be transparent with their salary information. Could it be the overall lack of candidates, the intense market competition for quality candidates, or how we are handling DE&I, neuro-different or hard to find candidates? Whatever the topic is that day, you can find a whole crew of recruiters talking (with many opinions) about it on social.


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