Is It Time to Automate Your Finance Planning Processes?

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If you’re moving or manipulating the same data over and over again, month after month, it’s time to automate your financial planning and analysis (FP&A) processes. Why? As an article in CFO magazine explains, automated systems for finance and accounting teams take time-intensive, repetitive tasks and “put them on autopilot, freeing up work hours and bandwidth.” 

So where to start? Generally, you want to automate planning functions that feature consistency and repetition. Those traits will maximize your time savings because you’re generating the same finance report on a regular basis.

At Workday, our finance team relies on many of these automated systems. For example, we have a fully automated process that loads invoices and collections data into Workday Adaptive Planning for finance.

That’s one of the many benefits you can achieve through automation. Here are more automation tips, so you can get on board with continuous planning and start generating strategic insights instead of getting buried in mundane tasks.

Tip 1: Practice Makes Perfect

The more you look for tasks to automate, the better you get at figuring out what to automate and what to do manually. For instance, if you start doing a fully automated saved-search import for billings

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