Key takeaways from Workable’s Great Discontent survey report

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Worker priorities are changing en masse as we speak. What can you do as an employer to maintain that bridge over the chasm of discontent?


The past few years have been nothing short of a roller coaster – this much is true.

2020 was just the beginning. We dealt with the pandemic, political and social upheavals, increased focus on mental health and work flexibility at that time.

Now, we’re seeing the biggest invasion of a European country since the Second World War, the rise of artificial intelligence as a major tool in day-to-day work, and what feels like an externally impending recession charged with layoffs, restructurings, and considerable dissonance.

It’s wild times and it continues to be wild times. And it all impacts the modern worker’s mindset as well. Worker priorities are shifting and changing as we speak, and – we think – they have not yet stabilized into a new kind of normalcy.

So, it’s pertinent for employers – in other words, you – to understand the evolving preferences and motivations of the workforce in the United States. You want to continue to connect with new candidates and retain existing employees – and keep them motivated to do

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