Know your candidate: 3 hiring tips from a fresh recruiter

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Hi! My name is Carolina, and I am a recruiter at The Predictive Index. Despite my current career path, I wasn’t always in hiring.

Prior to People Ops, I was a member of our Partner Recruitment team. Before that, I was unemployed, having been laid off by my previous company. An eight-month job search—and interviews with dozens of hiring teams—eventually brought me here. 

As a job seeker, partner recruiter, and now candidate recruiter, I’ve seen all sides of talent acquisition. How have those experiences shaped me as a recruiter? Keep reading to find out.

Understanding my recruiter journey

I joined PI in February 2021. It was my first time working in talent acquisition, and there was so much to learn.

One of the first things I leaned on was empathy. Back when I was unemployed,  I probably interviewed for at least 20 positions. Yet, nothing felt like the right fit for me. 

My experiences during that time ran the gamut. Some recruiters contacted me but never reached back out, while others wouldn’t leave me alone. Some spoke to me with zero awareness of the times we were living in, while many others were struggling with changes themselves. 


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