Learning Experience Platform and the Future of Talent

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Introduction to Learning Technology

Learning platforms are nothing new, but their evolution and subsequent importance are turning heads. For years, learning management systems (LMSs) have been the mainstay of corporate Learning and Development (L&D) strategies; this was before the explosion of technology, the influence of market demands and rising employee expectations led to the development of learning experience platforms (LXPs).

As the learning environment is advancing, LXPs are getting more streamlined, sophisticated and effective, leading to them playing a central role in comprehensive talent management strategies. This article will take a detailed look into the world of the LXP, defining what it is, how it differs from an LMS, its key attributes and how we expect it to evolve in the future.

What is a Learning Experience Platform?

To fully understand the inner workings of an LXP, it first helps to define its predecessor: the learning management system. An LMS is a system that creates, stores and tracks formal training content for an organization’s workforce. The traditional LMS has been the backbone of companies’ training strategies for many years, with HR teams choosing the appropriate learning materials (developed in-house or by a third party) and employees completing them accordingly.


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