Living the green dream: A view from the PI Office Olympics pedestal

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We’re in the thick of the second quarter, nearing the halfway mark of an already grueling 2023. Recession stink lingers in the air. The financial industry continues to teeter. And return-to-office mandates are too often falling flat.

Given that backdrop, it might not seem like the best time to focus on team building. 

But that’s never been PI’s approach. In my three-plus years here, our People Ops and leadership teams have always put employees first. Morale never takes a backseat. And no company event better embodies that mentality than the Office Olympics. 

A couple years ago, as the pandemic raged on, I had the pleasure of participating remotely in our first-ever hybrid games. The experience exceeded my every expectation. 

This year, I made the pilgrimage to PI HQ in suburban Boston, along with dozens of other Field Pioneers (aka fully remote employees). It was telling that few of us approached this “return to office” request with a sense of drudgery or obligation. We were here to connect with colleagues, sure, but also to compete

Gathering our green

Having been on vacation the week before Olympics, I’ve missed most of the event sign-ups and have little idea what I’m

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