Make Your People Care About Your Business: Insights from MBP Podcast with Srikant chellappa

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In today’s fast-paced corporate world, employee engagement is a crucial factor that can make or break a business. On the Management Blueprint Podcast, Sri Chellappa, President and co-founder of Engagedly, an innovative employee engagement and development software platform, shared his insights on how to truly engage employees and align them with the company’s goals.

Sri’s journey into entrepreneurship is a tale of serendipity and perseverance. After working for a company where he realized his true calling lay elsewhere, he joined forces with a startup founder. Together, they grew the company significantly, culminating in a successful exit. This experience laid the groundwork for Engagedly. The idea was born out of recognition of the need for improved employee engagement software.

Employee engagement, as Sri points out, is often narrowly defined. Many organizations focus on superficial measures such as rewards and recognition or employee surveys. However, true engagement encompasses every interaction an employee has with their organization. These are what Sri calls the “moments that matter.”

To address these critical touchpoints, Sri developed the E3 framework, which consists of three key components: Engagement, Enablement, and Execution.


The first element, engagement, involves recognizing and rewarding employees. This includes measuring engagement levels and identifying

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