Masters of Sales Hiring: Holly Procter’s Lessons from Building Teams at LinkedIn, WeWork, & Clari

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Welcome back to our mini-series of The Debrief podcast, Masters of Sales Hiring. Hosted by BrightHire Co-Founder Teddy Chestnut, the series features conversations with today’s top sales leaders, sharing their candid stories about building world-class sales teams.

Today’s guest is Holly Procter, SVP – Global Head of Sales at Clari. Over her time leading sales teams at LinkedIn, WeWork, and Clari, Holly has concluded that the saying “a great seller is a great seller” isn’t always true. Instead, she’s learned to hire people who have the right skills for the company’s sales environment. 

In the conversation, Holly shares how to assess your company’s environment and determine the skills you should be hiring for, how to hire for potential vs. experience, what to look for in internal and external leadership candidates, and how to build the right team when expanding into new markets.

Check out the highlights from our conversation: 

The biggest lesson Holly learned as a sales leader at WeWork. (01:22) – At WeWork, sellers are working with limited inventory: office space. If two buyers show up for a tour, only one can take the space. One of the primary things Holly looked for when hiring candidates at WeWork was

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