MDF Objects in SAP SuccessFactors

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In the SAP world, SuccessFactors is an integral cloud-based solution for managing various HR functions. To elaborate just a little more on what is SuccessFactors — casually known as SF or SFSF, SuccessFactors is an HR tool that provides cloud-based software for human capital management (HCM), using the software-as-a-service (SaaS) model.

SAP SuccessFactors defines its data by using a number of preformed data models. Each data model describes how its data elements are structured within a database. In the Metadata Framework (MDF) , objects are used to provide a structured approach to programming. By defining a dataset as a custom object, a developer can easily create multiple similar objects and modify existing objects within a program. These objects also provide “encapsulation,” meaning the data within an object is protected from being modified or destroyed by other functions or methods unless explicitly allowed.


Understanding Metadata framework

The Metadata Framework is used with the modules like Recruiting Management to build the application. So enabling MDF is a prerequisite for such applications. Some of the new applications are typically deployed through Upgrade Center, where it is possible to enable MDF.

MDF provides a set of features that enable you to build end-to-end applications. Using MDF, you can also add objects to the

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