My Brave Return to the Office

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I’m an enterprise account executive and I was hired last June at the height of the pandemic. Happily, I HAD met my manager once in person and I assured him that hiring me over Zoom would be a picnic. As the months went by, I got to know my coworkers over Slack, Zoom, and social media. It wasn’t easy but as my sales numbers got better and I started to get my job down I was really happy with my new role.

When the vaccine was available in Massachusetts, I was up at 3:00 a.m. getting appointments for my older, immune-compromised husband, and finally, it was my turn. I was thrilled and grateful to get my two shots of Moderna. And when Massachusetts lifted COVID restrictions I was excited to get back to the office … sort of.

I come from a place of privilege. My husband already worked from home. At my last job I worked remotely two days a week so I already had a home office and I don’t have kids so I wasn’t doing Zoom school duty that sidelined many women’s careers. My two dogs were thrilled to have both parents home all day.


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