New Immigration Bills May Help Combat Labor Shortage and Rising Inflation

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The tight labor market and rising inflation rates are not new headlines to most Americans. These subjects have been dominating the news for months, and politicians, lobbyists, and business owners on both sides of the aisle have voiced their concerns in all possible ways. Everyone has their opinion on how to curb inflation and reign in the tight labor market. 

The Hill recently published a piece on how solutions to the US labor shortages may reside with immigration reform. The Farm Workforce Modernization Act recently passed the House in March, with 30 Republican votes and more bi-partisan support than most bills received in recent years. The bill was put forth to create avenues for more migrant workers to obtain H-2A seasonal agricultural visas and H-2B visas for labor, like hospitality and food processing. 

Right now, the lack of labor in agriculture, hospitality, and food processing is hurting everyone. Farmers in both red and blue states are desperate for seasonal and year-round help to get their stock off the farms and onto shelves across the country. One of the main contributing factors to rising inflation is supply chain stalls, which immigrant workers can help with tremendously if allowed to obtain work

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