New ‘Talent Upskilling’ Enables Organizations to Meet Talent Needs by Developing Their Workforce

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In every industry, businesses are transforming, causing the need for upskilling, with telecommunications being one recent example we highlighted

As TechTarget pointed out, 90 percent of workers consider upskilling programs an important feature in a possible employer, and half of U.S. workers would switch jobs for upskilling.

With that in mind, this week we unveiled Talent Upskilling, which enables organizations to meet critical talent needs and get future-ready by developing their own network (employees, candidates, and contingent workers), understanding talent gaps, and providing a personalized development plan for every employee. 

Upskilling is not accomplished solely through coursework or learning modules. Meaningful upskilling today requires on-the-job training, short-term assignments, new projects, and information sessions designed explicitly to fulfill the complete potential of the modern workforce.  

The upskilling solution is part of the Eightfold Talent Intelligence Platform. It brings the following features into one platform for all talent: 

Identifying skill gaps and setting talent goals for each employee, benchmarking against best-in-class organizations. Understanding every role through a Job Intelligence Engine that integrates with both HR systems and actual work systems.  Using AI to understand the learnability of each individual, including how they can best develop skills and match them to personal

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