Newsflash: Not All Employees Want to Go Back to Work

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Even as protestors, many of whom are furloughed workers, have taken to the streets and stormed state capitol buildings, demanding freedom from isolation and the right to go back to work, other workers have quietly – and contently – been biding time. These folks are in no hurry to return to their jobs.

In fact, some have been called back and have refused. It’s not virus fears keeping many at home. It’s money. They’re making more on unemployment.

The situation has companies readying to reopen for business in a quandary.

Refusing to return

In Vermont, the Department of Labor has received many calls from employers about the matter, and it has taken steps to address the situation. Vermont DOL issued a press release, and shared it with a regional human resources association.

Titled, “Unemployment Claimants Called Back Must Accept Suitable Work,” the press release indicates that while exceptions exist for employees who have been exposed to COVID-19 or individuals who must care for a family member, others must return to work. The DOL acknowledges the elephant in the room, noting that “refusal to accept employment wages … will be construed as a refusal of work, regardless of whether you will

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