PCRecruiter Update 9.8.5

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The latest update to PCRecruiter arrives on our SaaS recruitment platform this week, with user-requested adjustments to the Notes area, fresh charts in the PCR Analytics, and an additional field for Positions and Companies. In addition to the visible changes to PCRecruiter, extensive platform and API changes to support upcoming interface and automation improvements are included with this update.

Notes Updates

In our April 2021 update we revealed a new Notes Widget with a grid view, bookmarking feature, and keyword search. With valuable feedback from our users, we’ve further refined this interface with:

The ‘Add Note’ panel is now collapsed by default to allow more viewing area. Once expanded, the Add panel can be resized by dragging the edge to create more entry space. The width you set will be remembered even after the panel is collapsed and re-opened later. A new Expand All button allows all Notes boxes on the record to be viewed at their full-length in a single click. The Collapse button does the reverse. Editing notes is now accomplished by simply clicking on the note. When you click outside of that note it will automatically save. A right-click menu gives you quick access to

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