Putting People at the Center of Hiring

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When it comes to hiring, filling a seat quickly can overshadow the importance of finding a great employee — a mistake many organizations unfortunately make. 

We’re in the trenches of a hiring crisis — millions of people are jobless due to the pandemic, while too many jobs requiring skilled individuals remain open. It’s a double-edged sword that’s making hiring seem impossible for many employers. But Hireology customers have been able to make great hires consistently. Why? 

Because in order to attract new talent to your open roles, you’ve got to do hiring differently. And the best way to attract great talent is to put your people at the center of the process. Here’s how you can do this. 

Create a great employee referral program

As the number one driver of quality applicants, your employee referral program deserves to be treated as the shining star of your recruitment operations. Prioritize making your referral program great by implementing a quality payout structure that incentivizes your current employees to refer individuals from their network. 

To get the most out of your program, make it easy for employees to submit their peers, offer a bonus that drives interest, and determine a payout period that

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