Remote Onboarding: Tech Tools that Improve the New Employee Experience

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Remote work environments are becoming the new normal. 

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, many companies were already transitioning to partially or fully remote work teams. The global health crisis, however, has necessitated the push for nearly three-quarters of companies to move some of their on-site workforce to permanent remote positions, according to a Gartner survey. As a result, they are having to rethink their operations and implement new processes, including the way they remotely onboard employees. 

Effective onboarding is particularly important in remote environments when new employees are physically detached from the company and the experience. It’s a crucial step in the hiring process that sets the tone for the rest of the employees’ experiences with the organization.

But, according to a survey in Harvard Business Review by Mary Driscoll, partner at global executive search firm Savannah Group, and Michael Watkins, Ph.D., cofounder of Genesis Advisers, the problem with onboarding is seen throughout the corporate hierarchy, including department heads and corporate leaders. In fact, only 17 percent of organizations have “developed systems for onboarding new leaders in remote-work environments.”

That’s likely because the task of onboarding remotely is riddled with unique challenges that businesses haven’t had to previously address within traditional

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