Rethinking Employee Discipline: How to Work With Problem People

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Rethinking Employee Discipline: How to Work With Problem Peopleheather.vanhou… Fri, 13/05/2022 – 08:30 We’ve all worked with difficult employees. Rather than setting someone up to be fired, try these strategies to turn a problem employee into a valuable team member.

Problem people are exhausting. These employees spend most of their time either complaining about their responsibilities or explaining why they can’t possibly accomplish what needs to get done. When someone notices they’re not doing their job, the problem employee is often furious for being reprimanded and complains that they’re being harassed.

Someone then pulls out the employee handbook, looks up the progressive discipline policies, then starts writing warnings and notes to the file. This approach is all about protecting the organization if there is a claim of discrimination or harassment after the employee is terminated. Once you start down this path, it becomes adversarial, escalates, and often ends with termination.

In the meantime, the problem person and everyone they deal with will have to live through the drama. The employee is not going to get better at their job; they’re just going to get mad, which will make things worse.

It’s Time to Rethink Employee Discipline

The phrase “employee discipline

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