Revealing Untapped Skills and Capabilities Across Candidate Populations

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Much conversation around hiring to date has focused on the upheaval wrought by the COVID-19 pandemic. Many hiring issues, however, preceded the pandemic and continue to challenge human resources staff and hiring managers today.

A U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics report from June 2019, for example, found that 12 million U.S. workers were unemployed or underemployed, even as the “skills gap” loomed as a crisis for millions of U.S. businesses. With so many workers seeking jobs, why are employers unable to find the people they need?

The answer may lie in employers’ reliance on outdated hiring practices that focus on education, former experience, or team fit, rather than on skills and capabilities. To discover candidates’ true skills profiles, employers will need to adapt their hiring practices.

The Time to Embrace Skills-Based Hiring Is Now

The COVID-19 pandemic drove a rapid change in how companies handle a wide range of tasks, from daily work to hiring. It also revealed a number of weak points in companies’ hiring and retention practices, many of which met their full obsolescence during the pandemic.

“Leaders would be well served by taking the opportunity to learn how to apply the innovations and advances implemented in recent

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