Riding the Wave of Innovation at Workday to Deliver a Seamless Experience

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For me, there’s nothing like surfing. Being out in the sea and engaged in the elements—the beauty of nature, the ocean, the beach—and feeling empowered by the energy of every wave, catching that perfect one and riding it effortlessly to shore. That’s what a great experience feels like. At Workday, we’re working to transform the experience. Like an endless swell, Workday is focused on delivering new waves of innovation that will make work effortless and deliver an engaging and inclusive experience for every user. 

We’ve spent a lot of time working to understand what our users need by engaging with hundreds of customers in a number of ways including observational studies, in-depth interviews, design reviews, iterative testing, and experimentation. There’s two sides to creating engaging employee experiences: 1) simplifying the digital experience and 2) elevating the human aspect of that experience.

When it comes to simplifying, our mission is to make Workday feel effortless. For frontline workers, it should be easy to check-in to their shift with a single tap on their mobile phone, and managers should be able to approve an expense report quickly from their natural workspace without interrupting their flow of work. Power users should be able

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