Skill Disruption: What Is It and What Does It Mean for HR?

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Skill Disruption: What Is It and What Does It Mean for HR?

Pandemic-driven unemployment, The Great Resignation, and the possibility of an upcoming recession are all major factors affecting the workforce today. But another big game-changer is something we don’t often think about: skills

On last week’s episode of Talent Experience Live, Layla O’Kane, Research Manager at Lightcast, explored emerging trends in “skill disruption” that she and her research team identified in a new study of over 15 million job postings. 

Learn what her discovery means for HR and TA professionals in the full episode below, or read on for highlights. 

What was the main objective of the skill disruption study?

Lightcast, previously known as Emsi Burning Glass, is a labor market data company where O’Kane studies broad trends affecting the workforce, such as digitalization, labor shortages, AI, and automation. 

One trend that’s been brewing over the last several years? Skill requirements for jobs have been changing. No one had researched much about how or why — or the implications this has on hiring and recruiting — until now.

“We hadn’t looked at that across the labor market or in any

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