Sponsored Job Posts (CPC) – The Pros & Cons

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A sponsored job post is an advertisement created by a recruiter or employer with the intent of alerting the public of a recent job opening. These can be for a specific company and posted on several different platforms. They can also promote future job openings that haven’t been formally announced until the posting has been released. 

When job seekers visit a site, a sponsored job post will be one of the first positions they see by design. Essentially, sponsored job postings are used to increase visibility and capture the attention of the best candidates for the role. And of course, sponsored posts cost recruiters and employers money; the better the opportunity for ad exposure, the more money it costs to sponsor the post. 


The primary benefit of sponsored job postings is increased visibility to generate a steady flow of candidates. When sponsored posts appear more often in search results, they’re seen by more candidates. Sponsored job postings will often use an advertising pricing model known as Cost Per Click (CPC). CPC means that websites bill advertisers based on the number of users who interact with the post. 

Essentially, employers can develop an overall budget and time limit for the

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