SuccessFactors Alert Message & Message Definitions: Enhance User Experience

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User experience has become a critical part of a successful implementation of SuccessFactors projects. One way to help customers increase the user experience is by enhancing alert messages and message definitions. These two functionalities are used to throw error messages, warning messages, or info messages during HR Transactions. Alert messages are highly used to remind certain employees about a specific system event that may require their attention.

In this blog, I’ll provide some examples that you can use or adapt to your current configuration.


Before jumping to the samples, it’s important to understand what can be used in both features to format the text.

Alert messages support HTML tags. HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language – it is the standard markup language for web pages. HTML elements are composed of opening tags, content, and closing tags. On the other side, message definitions support BBCode (“Bulletin Board Code”). It is similar to HTML in the sense that BBCode also uses tags to format a specific text or word, but with a different convention. Sample 1 – E-mail address in Alert Message:

E-mail addresses are defined as per the below tags:

Let’s decode the above expression:

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