SuccessFactors Employee Central Global Benefits – Automating Employee Claims (Voucher Benefits)

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In this blog post, I will be sharing some design concepts for Employee Central Global Benefits implementation and how to configure them.

Scenario: When the employee has a newborn child or on birth date anniversaries; the employee automatically claims an eligible benefit. The employee receives a voucher code from the system or gets paid based on an entitlement amount. (or both)

Solution: There are multiple ways to approach this scenario to create a solution but for this blog, I will be choosing the below method;

Create Benefits such as “Newborn Voucher”, and “Birth Date Voucher” with Reimbursement type (for each currency we will have) Select “Integration Mode” as “Pay Components” or “Benefit Objects”. If a one-time payment needs to be created the selection should be “Pay Components”. As a pre-requisite, you should create the “Pay Component” beforehand. You can refer to the implementation document. Create the “Eligibility Rule” based on your scenario or put a fixed value under the entitlement amount.
I will utilize the “Currency Exchange Rate” table to exchange the rates based on the Benefits’ selected currency inside the eligibility business rule. If you want to follow the same method, I would suggest you create

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