SuccessFactors Time Off: Restrict Negative Balance based on employees seniority

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Hello everyone,

In this blog, I am covering a customer requirement that is usually defined by company policy – employees can go negative up to their annual holiday entitlement level, which is based on seniority.

Let’s take an example:

Employee A is entitled to 25 days per year, which means their balance can go up to -25 daysEmployee B is entitled to 26 days per year, which means their balance can go up to -26 days


First, we need to store the negative balance in the lookup table. In our case, the amount is the same as the accrual value (for this reason I’ll be using the same field – if both values are different then you need to store them in the lookup table)

After adjusting the lookup table, we are able to create the business rule (take rule) – below is an example of a possible solution:

Image from demo



Let’s break down the logic of this business rule:

balanceAsOf31Dec – I am using the function Calculate Balance for Types() in order to get the balance as of 31 Dec of the year that the employee is requesting the annual leave. This variable will be used to check if the employee has reached the limit (or not) when

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