A Structure to Centralized Staffing Success

Evolving labor models and resource allocation methods have put critical focus on centralized staffing and scheduling to meet volatile patient care demands during the COVID-19 pandemic. Let’s examine how proper workforce management governance can help to foster employee engagement and sustainable practices to achieve success in today’s landscape!

Leading Healthcare: Changing Dynamics in the Industry

UKG has recently released an all-new industry brief, called “Leading Healthcare.” In this issue of the Leading Healthcare industry brief, we survey emerging concepts and leading priorities that demand attention in our industry today. The Spring 2021 Industry Brief highlights a collection of recent industry news and fast facts, as well as emerging concepts and models that are worth a closer look.

2021: Honoring Nurses

Nurses Week 2021 will be celebrated in the U.S. beginning on May 6th, which is National Nurses Day, and concluding on May 12th. UKG would like to extend our gratitude, support, and a special thanks to all nurses and midwives across the globe, as they continue to provide the highest level of quality care.