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Let’s face it, no one knew how to pronounce or spell the name ‘neuvoo‘. So when i saw the news last week that the job search company had acquired a top tier domain like Talent.com, I saw the move as much needed if they ever want to take on the Indeed’s of the world.

And take them on they will to the tune of paying $1.8 million (CA) for the rights.

This is a big and bold move by the Montreal based company whom I have to come to know and admire for their startup, grind it out mentality.

They do job search well and have carved out a place for themselves by going global early in their existence. Today they are in 60+ countries and their bank account is stacked after a $50+ million investment in September. Their traffic is steadily rising.

They are going to need that cash to take on the big players but I’d like to talk more about the domain purchase.

In order for them to grow and become a household name they needed a brand name that is easily understandable/memorable. Talent.com checks those boxes easily.

The biggest players in the job space have

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