Talent Management in Telecom: Hiring in a Changing Industry

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5G wireless communication technology and other telecom advances could transform the U.S. economy and the way we work — but first, telecom companies must address a significant skills gap.

Workers trained to build and maintain a 5G infrastructure are in short supply. To find and train the right talent, technology companies will need to change the way they seek out workers with the potential to thrive in telecom. 

Telecom Talent: Challenges and Opportunities

U.S. telecommunications investments in 5G have grown rapidly in recent years and are expected to grow further still. A Boston Consulting Group study, for instance, finds that U.S. telecom companies are expected to invest over $250 billion in 5G networks between 2020 and 2025, writes Mark Harmsworth, director of the small business center at the Washington Policy Center. 

For these investments to pay off, 5G networks must be built throughout the country. “Widespread network deployment is critical to laying the foundations of the 5G economy, and rapidly achieving high penetration levels,” write Enrique Duarte Melo and fellow researchers at BCG. 

Before other sectors of the economy can leverage 5G to expand their own businesses, the infrastructure to deliver 5G service must be in place. At the moment,

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