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We defined the talent optimization discipline in 2018. Since then, the concept has evolved to serve as a revolutionary link between business and people practices. TO now boasts its own conference, a certification, and honorific “Godfather” in the form of yours truly. A lot to be proud of, for sure, but had we really made it?

A recent Fast Company article centered on talent optimization made it clear the idea that has finally gone mainstream. The brief article landed several seminal points in its treatment. After soaking it in, I’d like to offer up a few points of affirmation, clarification, and expansion.

What the article gets right

Author Chris Kay writes that in our post-pandemic world of work, “people are recalibrating their lives and work needs.” As we laid the first bricks of the talent optimization foundation in 2018, we couldn’t possibly have predicted a global pandemic. 

Even so, we were well aware of a steady progression toward a people-first or human-centric approach to business. The pandemic accelerated shifts that were well underway. Fast-forward to today, and modern workers have put work on trial, and they are demanding a new partnership with employers.

Kay goes on to write: “This

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